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    October 28, 2013
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it meant a lot to us. as always, thank you for being with us. start each and every morning 5:00 to 9:00, fox and friends right here on the fox news channel. see you back here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. it is official. the obama administration just announcing it is granting a six week extension until march 31st for americans to sign up for obama care and avoid penalties. now, the extension was expected since h.h.s. said they planned to do it as technical problems continue to plague the web site. also tonight, many young americans, they are laughing at obama care. so what makes you think they would buy insurance on the exchanges if they are busy laughing at it and, if they don't, you tell me, where are we going to get the money? >> we're probably just overloaded with traffic, millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunately, the site was
only designed to handle six users at a time. >> secretary sebelius and her comments, she is already the laughing stock of america. >> i have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those technical problems. for example, have you tried restarting your computer? >> why didn't she know that the president's signature legislation was, in fact, in trouble? >> the incompetence in building this web site is staggering. >> we don't need the government running our healthcare. >> he has lost considerable credibility. >> be sure to like us on facebook oh, look at that we are already up to three likes and i like that enthusiasm. >> a big new glitch knocks out the obama care web site halting online enrollment for all 50 states. this computer crash comes just a couple of days after h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius ensured reporters that the online experience can s. getting better.
>> this is not about a web site, it's about making sure that millions of americans have access to affordable health insurance. >> the president said i could keep my doctor and keep my health insurance. apparently that's not true. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. >> that promise is being broken. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. >> you are no longer eligible to buy your own plan, which was the number one promise that the president made to the american people. >> >> most people are can going to keep their own plan, senator, and you know that. >> that's not true. >> they were promised they get to keep the doctor they have. under bronze plans and some of these plans there is no way you will get to keep them. >> what the president said is turning out to be a falsehood. you heard right, republican senator john have a was so he calling h.h.s.
secretary cat lien sebelius the laughing stalk of america. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. your thoughts about the president, the obama administration has now delayed six weeks the enrollment. do you like that? >> this is a law that the president continues to figure isn't the law. he continues to make changes. this is the about 14th time he has made some change in the law i support legislation to actually give every american an opportunity to delay it for a year. i think we ought to remove this individual mandate permanently. >> i think it was senator mike lee who had a conversation with us. he said the law has been quote amend ad so many times whether people get exemptions or postponements or waivers that there have been some changes in the law that it's not the law that was passed by congress whether you like it or not. do you feel the same way he does about that. >> i do feel that way. we ought to legislatively. i'm a doctor, i want to make
sure that americans get affordable care without all these regulations, mandates, taxes and there are ways that we can do it. what we are seeing with this healthcare law and so much attention is to the web site. the web site is really just the tip of the iceberg, there are big problems coming with this, greta. >> should secretary sebelius step down or get fired. >> the president gets to make that decision. >> what do you think. >> i have called for her resignation. i think when jon stuart and "saturday night live" are making fun of the job that you are doing and the web site, what that speaks to is the fact that young americans are laughing at the secretary and the web site. these are the people that the president is trying to coerce into buying insurance that is more expensive and more insurance that they want or need and in many cases can afford. that's the only way that you pay for the insurance for these older, sicker indivi younger people buy it. >> at this point though what would be achieved by that if she were, you know, if the president said you have got to go or she decided to go. what would be achieved? >> the president has called
his administration, open, accountable, transparent. she ought to be honest with the american people. how many people have signed up? she won't tell us that. >> how does she know. >> saturday she said things are going well and within a day things crash again with the web site and their data hub. so i think that she has lost so much credibility with the american people it's hard to take it seriously. but the problem isn't just the web site. ultimately they are going to get this fixed. people across the country are seeing that their premiums are going up. they are receiving cancellation notices of their insurance. more people since october 1st have gotten cancellation notices, greta than have been signed on. >> if had you a chance to question her on wednesday, what would you ask her? >> what went wrong? when are you going to give us real answers? we ought to be able in an internet age know how many people have signed up every day, what zip code they are from. >> that's what i want to know how many people have signed up a and sign up to get subsidies or medicaid?
i would like the different categories to figure out if we have the funding. >> it doesn't sound like they are buying or paying for insurance. many more are signing up for medicaid which is paid for by the government. but more people are getting termination notices, cancellation of their coverage. people are having a harder time finding a doctor. this is ripe for fraud. and actually identity theft. so these are the things that are coming down the line. it looks to me like we are going to end up in what's called an insurance death spiral because if the young healthy people don't pay more for their insurance and you have older sicker people it's going to go down, down, and then you are looking at to me a massive government bailout of this entire healthcare law. >> senator, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> constantly getting new reports that americans are losing their healthcare plans that is despite president obama's repeated promise that if you like your plan you can keep it managing editor bob cusack
joins us. nice so see you, sir. >> hey, greta. >> what's your if you get to keep your -- if you like your insurance policy you get to environmental protection agency it? >> remember in 2009, 2010, they were down in the votes. they needed to get the votes even though they controlled both the house and the senate. they need to push it through. so they made some promises and i think there are s. going to be more congressional investigations who knew what when because now there are reports that the administration knew some people were going to lose their healthcare coverage? >> so they knew at the time? >> that's a new report that just came out. >> why did they say that? either they said that because they truly believed it or because they were trying to hood wink the american people. one or the other. >> some of the plans they are saying are really low level plans. okay. so that means that people don't pay as much to get into them. so, now,. >> but a lot of people like those. >> exactly. so that's where republicans say the market comes into play that republicans that people should be able to keep their plans if they
like it. even if the deductible is high they are paying low premiums. now they may get more services but they may be forced to pay more. clearly this is becoming a debacle for the obama administration. the shutdown is over and this is a gift to the g.o.p. >> about how many -- do we have any of the numbers of people that say they are not going to be able to get the policy. the ones getting notices from the insurance companies of the plan. >> yeah. >> how bad? >> at least 800,000 now in various states. the administration says those people will be signing up and going into the exchanges if the healthcare web site works. so, but i think a lot of those people there is going to be a lot of antidotes and stories. we have seen some already where people have lost plans, they are getting these notices in the mail where they are cancelled and they don't know what's going on there is a lot of confusion and that's why it's becoming fodder for late night talk shows. >> i remember the insurance companies talking to the administration all along. someone must have figured this one out. it's just not that hard. what were the insurance companies saying to the
obama administration back in 2010 or whenever the date was this started? >> well, remember when they the health insurance agency was opponent of this law. the only thing the obama administration liked was the mandate. >> the insurance company calls it money. >> nancy pelosi at the time, they struck a deal with the hospitals. they struck a deal with pharma,. >> big drug companies. >> nancy pelosi called them immoral villains the healthcare industry. you had this awkward relationship where the industry had to work with the obama administration to make this thing work. clearly there are battle scars for the fight to pass the bill. >> people develop close relationship with the docs that are profoundly sick or chronic what about losing doctors? >> they have backed away from that promise. both keep your plan and your doctor. and now well it's most people can. >> what's most 55 or 99?
>> that's the question. >> 55% or 99%? >> we don't know how many are enrolled. >> you know why i buy it i can go to dubai and stick my card in the apartment tm and 100 bucks and it goes on my bank card. are you telling me they can't figure out how many are enrolled. >> they had trouble with the web site. so who he knows. >> bob, nice to see you, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> straight ahead, close your ice. now, imagine this. paying ten times what you are currently paying for your health insurance. could that be happening to you? and upnext, you will meet he a woman who says that nightmare is about to become her reality and just when you thought it could not get worse it just did. did you hear about the latest glitch in the computers, the one that could put your security, that's you. you can hash it out with us new glitches coming up.
do you think the obama care web site could be fixed by the november 30th deadline
>> could this happen to you? a florida woman finding out she will have to pay 10 times as much for health insurance that is because
she is losing her current plan to obama care. diane barrett joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to he see you, greta. >> all right. i understand. in fact, i have got a copy of your florida blue insurance and it's about $54 a month. and now i understand that under obama care it's going to go up at least they said that the policy they would offer you under florida blue would be $591; is that correct? >> that's correct. >> all right. now, you are $54 a month policy is a pretty, you know, bare bones policy. why do you want to keep that one except for the price? maybe you can get something better with a subsidy? >> well, i know it doesn't cover lengthy hospital stays. it's perfect for what i want. i get co-pays for doctor visits and prescriptions. so, so it suffices what i need also the price isn't too bad either. >> well, does it pay for any
hospitalization, the current policy you have? >> again, i'm a little confused about it i have been reading over and over the policies. and it appears that it does cover some outpatient but when you go through the booklet they sent it would say refer to this. refer to it but then refer back to -- it was very confusing. >> i don't doubt that can i tell you i totally agree with you. trying to figure out insurance is extremely confusing in the best of circumstances. look, you were promised you could keep your policy if you like it. i must say though that your policy is like, you know, if you are walking across the street and one run as red light you are in deep trouble under your existing policy he. >> that is true. >> so maybe it turns out that there might be a different policy. i know that wasn't the promise made to you but maybe there is something, a policy out there.
i don't know if it comes as low as $54 with a subsidy, do you know that? i don't know that. no, since did my tweet about this issue, i have gotten a lot of emails with winks that would provide me low -- well not really low but better care than 5 1 a month. that's something i would like to look into. >> well, it is true that you are going to get a lot of -- on the services you may not want. you may not want maternal pediatric, dental or vision. you may not want some of those and it's extremely confusing. i don't recommend or at least right now to getting it clarified. you have a real stripped down policy here and i think you need to find someone who understands this stuff. it's pretty confusing i concede. your promise wasn't kept. you don't get to keep your policy i can tell that you much because i read that right here. >> yeah. and also the doctors i have been use having been
wonderful. i wanted to hang on to them but apparently i can't do that anymore and also trying to get on to the web site, that's a joke because no one can get on it right now so it's really hard. there is is time constraints. they were saying in the letter, you have to make up your mind by november 1st, which is only a couple days i'm allowed to keep my plan up until december 31st. as of january 1st. i have to pay that 591 in full or i get dropped. >> well, i recommend that you find someone who understands this stuff a lot better than i do who can explain it to you because your situation is a troubling one. but, diane, thank you and good luck. >> oh, thank you so much. coming up, another obama care web site glitch this one is different. not just annoying. this one could put your security at risk. the plot thickens, the obama care cover girl goes mia.
why does she suddenly disappear from the web site? that's really weird. why can't anyone track her down? late nest that birds
>> she is the most wanted woman in america. the smiling dark haired woman who is the face of the obama care web site disappearing in more ways than one. first, the so-called rich girl vanishing for the web site. the face replaced four icons showing how people can like obama care. now no one can find the actual woman behind the famous photo. media outlets trying to track down the cover girl. her identity is a secret. you be the judge? what do you think happened to the so-called glitch girl? a she demanded that her face
be taken off embattled web site web sight needed a change or c she was put in a witness protection program. go to gretawire right now and vote in our poll.
>> well, it happened again, another glitch in the obama care web site and this new glitch, well, it's different. it's not that annoying type. we all know that annoying type. the one that makes you want to throw your computer out the window. this is a security risk type. the one that really worries you. the data hub crashing. now, that is software that is supposed to verify and protect your personal information. diane black joins us. good evening, ma'am. >> good evening, greta, it's great to be with you. >> nice to have you. so what's the problem with the security? what's the risk that some say we have?
>> we have been talking about this since june. at that point in time people didn't realize what would be going on for obama care. this data hub is different than the web site. because this is the site that holds all your most personal information things like social security administration, your income many of the pieces of information that you would not want others to have any access to. so we saw a glitch over the weekend. we have written a letter to the inspector general of h.h.s. asking him about what is a normal process when something like this is put up by the government and that is ensuring american people of their most personal information. >> i thought that this hub that you are talking about was sort of like a hub for an airline that you come, in things just get transferred through there but nothing stays there. does information actually stay in the hub, personal information? >> well, the hub is available. it's almost like supposed to
be like a realtime thing, where you would go in and ping let's say irs to verify someone's income or you may go in and ping immigration to find out what an immigration status was. and so it's a way to get in and then get out. but that information is very sensitive information that, unless you can assure the american people that who is getting in there and who is getting out or who has access to it to begin with is a very scary thing. there is a lot of very personal information in that data hub. >> i suppose there a lot of people with a lot of personal information even at the irs, even long before obama care. you have no idea how many people have access to the hub and we only have 30 seconds left. >> no, we do not. and we don't know about the navigator which we have also talked about that i would love to talk about that what we have seen with the navigator. the scary fact they are out there getting this information from people. we really don't know at this point in time, greta, where our personal information is going to be misused for
fraud aabuse. >> i think wednesday would be a great opportunity when h.h.s. secretary kathleen sebelius testifies. maybe we will hear more about this too. thank you. >> you are very welcome. thank you for having me. >> mg coup, you heard him. he promised you. president obama promising you can keep your health plan. is the white house now
>> now, get ready to speedway your way through the news, first to north carolina. the carnival ride that left people five people seriously hurt. ride operator charged with assault with a deadly weapon. today the accused operator making his first court appearance, last thursday the vortex voltedded into motion throwing riders to the ground. three people are still in the hospital. enough to to washington, d.c. courtroom just a short time ago sicker chris brown appearing in court. is he accused in another violent attack over the weekend brown was arrested for allegedly punching a man outside a d.c. hotel. police say the fight started after the man tried to get into a photo with brown.
brown was charged with felony assault. but moments ago the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and the singer was released from custody. brown is still on probation though for the beating of his ex-girlfriend rihanna in 2009. and also here in washington senator lindsey graham threatening to hold up all nominations for federal government position. that is still survivors of the benghazi attack appear before congress. today senator graham tweeting what are the benghazi survivors? i'm going to block every appointment in the u.s. senate until they are made available to congress. now, four americans, including ambassador chris stevens were murder derderian in the benghazi attack. and finally senate intelligence committee chair dianne feinstein pledging a major review of nsa surveillance. senator feinstein's statement follows reports that the nsa has conducted surveillance on leaders of foreign countries including german chancellor angela merkel. senator feinstein saying she totally oppose to the collection of intelligence on leaders of u.s. allies. and that oversight must be
strengthened. and that is tonight's speed read. so, how many times you have heard president obama say. this. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your health care plan. if you like your health your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare plan. >> if you have got health insurance through your employer, you can keep your lelt insurance, keep your choice of doctor, keep your plan. >> if you like your healthcare plan you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. >> period. the president promising all americans they can keep their healthcare plan, period. well, now we are hearing a slightly different tune from david axelrod. >> most people are going to keep their own plan. the majority of people in this country, the vast majority of people in this country are keeping their plan. >> most. so what happened to all. that's what was promised. and white house press secretary jay carney now admitting this. >> what the president said and everybody said all along is that there are going to be changes brought along by
the affordable care act that man mall. it's true there are existing healthcare plans on the minimum market that don't meet those minimum standards and don't qualify for the act. >> nice to see you, john. >> nice to be here. >> when are politicians going to realize we have videotape. >> i don't know. there was never any nuances. he never said most of you will be able to keep your plans or some of you can keep your plan if the government says it's good enough. he said all of you can keep it, end of story, period. at one point he said this is another quote from 2009, the government is not going to make you change plans under health reform. there was never any escape there or knew abc. now it's proving not to be true for millions of people. >> tough luck for those -- what does that mean for them? it sounds sort of mean. did he promise it. it's not like it was a slip. we got too many of them. >> exactly. right now we are seeing reports between 17 and 16 million who buy their
insurance on the individual market they will be thrown off their current plan. they have to go out and buy new plans that have more regulations, more benefits, arguably and in some cases that costs a lot more. one woman said 10 times the plan she was on. >> she had a very stripped down plan. i was sort of suspicious. i felt bad for her plan, it looks like she more for her plan she ever got out of it it i wasn't a big fan of that plan i felt bad for her. she is being forced to. she may never have schirn. under the new plan she has to pay for a plan that has maternity benefits, benefits for children in case she had children there it are a lot of things they had to pay for so they need to charge people so they pay for this so so they have the extra money because never know they are going to use it. >> some people got to stay on the plan. get people off their current plan and into the obama care exchanges. they need as many people as they can to subsidize the
very high cost people signed s. >> if you are grandfathered in doesn't it require your insurance company to be a willing participant. if your insurance company cuts off the plan. being grandfathered in isn't going to help. >> you no you will have to be in the obama care exchanges and right now they are turning to have the web site and can't sign up for anything. >> they are hoping -- they have given us november 30th now everything is to be fixed on the web sift. what are they saying about the other issues who is signing up? >> they haven't given us much details whatsoever about the numbers of people signing up. we are getting to the heart of everything right now with -- we are actually getting to the merits of the lay right now. how many people are seeing rates go up and losing their plans. not just talking about technical issues and getting to the heart of law if this is going to give enough people health insurance or simply spending more money, throwing money at an issue that's not going to really solve anything. >> behind the scenes are
people beginning to shy away from it those support it or still believe in it? >> individual mandate delay. the only problem is that the individual mandate delay doesn't help these people plans. promise you you can keep it, and now what we are going to offer you is the ability not to be fined for not buying a plan. that doesn't help those people. they want insurance. >> what could help them at this point. what do you do about those people. >> senator ron johnson from wisconsin introduce a bill in everybody who had a plan in 2013 keep it in 2014. >> if you like your plan can you deep act he hasn't introduced it. >> that assumes those plans are still available. as i understand some plans are just gone. >> there is definitely some technical problems but some markets are out there for people who don't want all these things. some people don't want certain services and
deductibles at certain rates. some people are willing to keep more of the money now. someone in the market would find with 16 million people potentially on there, that's a whole lot of people to sell insurance to when do we expect to get the enrollment. who signed up for medicaid and policy and who signed up to get a subsidy and how much money is going to roll in from this. >> not until november 15th i have seen. that's the current estimate. november 15th seems like that's the day. >> is that going to be -- do they have the capability? why don't we have that now? they don't have the capability or we shouldn't have ask? they are overwhelmed trying to figure out how to log on. >> they must have the capability. >> we thought they could figure out a computer site. >> how can they tell you that 7 million people tried to get on the web site and can't tell you how many people ended up enrolling. doesn't make any sense. >> are they confident or panicked? >> i think a little bit more on the panicked side right now. i think they know if they don't get the web site up and running that's going to create huge structural
problems for the law. if you don't have the thing up and running, the people who are going to take these extraordinary measures who have r. going to sign up the sickest people with the highest health cost. not going to be the young healthy person who need to keep rates down for everybody else. << november 30th is november 15th much more important date. >> a lot of important deadlines. >> great to see you from the great state of wisconsin. ahead, subpoena on the way. darrell issa is here to tell you who is on the hot seat next. romance between governor chris cities christie and bruce springsteen. rudy giuliani is sean guest at 10 p.m. eastern.
okay, everyone. it's time to hash it out. new jersey governor chris christie scoring big endorsement. the hill shaqses christie. new 30 second spot. >> i don't endorse many politicians but chris christie is different. is he working with with me to bring jobs back to our cities. and on a new program to help kids in tough neighborhoods get ahead. governor christie has provided more funding for schools, given parents more choices in what schools their kids can go to and merit pay for good teachers. >> talk about a slam dunk ad, you like that one? and a shocking new trend among american soldiers. the associated press tweeting suck in that gut, soldier. bulkier troops turn to liposuction to pass the fat test. relies on neck and waste measurements to determine future prospects in the military. service members argue the
test also weeds out muscular builds so some are getting plastic surgery in a desperate attempt to pass. brittany spears defending the high seas. owould have guess. brittany spears songs are being used to scare away somali pirates. oops i did it again are a secret weapon, they are used to deter pirates from approaching super tankers off the coast of africa. since somali pirates hate western culture. perfect from the merchant ships to blast. grub street tweeting police located a suspected arby's through a trail of curly fries. groped by a man in the drive-thru lane. police tracked down the car of a parking lot discovered a trail of curly flies and sauce leading to the man's room. here now to hash it out to us. #greta in all your tweets and posts.
house republicans demanding answers about the obama care web site and a subpoena is going out o. house oversight chair darrell issa is here to talk about that next.
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okay. let's go off the record for just a minute. now, this is not about whether you are for or against obama care. this is about reality. about getting the money to fund obama ha care. where are we getting it. obama care for the nation ♪ free. we had to find the money but where? shear who the obama administration is banking on, the young and the healthy. president obama believes the old and healthy will finance old. young people typically don't have much medical care. they are young. the hope is that the young fill the obama care covers and take that money to use to pay the big medical bills of the older and the sick. can we counted on the young? will they do this for us? what do you think in the the white house is hoping the young will make up 40% of
the new enrollees in the health care exchanges, but getting that many people to sign up, well, i don't think that's so easy. right now the young people are laughing at obama care. yeah, laughing that doesn't help. laughing at the web site the federal government put together. web site many of them may think they could create themselves and actually have it work. that's not all. many young are snickering at "saturday night live" spoof at h.h.s. secretary sebelius if any young person happened to miss the parody of sebelius. he or she can log and watch it right now again and again and again. the video has gone viral. you know who fuels that. young people. that proves they are watching that and a laughing. of course, if young people stop laughing we need them to get serious and do obama care math. they are going to figure out out the obvious it is cheaper for the young to pay the irs mandate penalty than to buy healthcare insurance. now, i'm not trying to be a wet blanket but how is obama
administration going to convince the young people to pay more than they have to for probably something they don't think they are going to need in the first place because they are so young and healthy? now, no one should be laughing and that is my off othe record comment tonight. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record go to and tell us about it. and tonight a subpoena is on the way. where is it headed? house oversight chair darrell issa joins us. nice to he so you, sir. >> thanks for having me on. you know, obama care really does count on either you pay too much or you pay the fine. either way it's revenue to a program that needs revenue. we served qssi out of 11 verchedz involved in this colossal failure only one has cooperate in a timely fashion. this is the one going forward has the task of doing the web site. >> the qssi that is the hub sight people?
>> right. they are the people who they are the division of united health. they are in fact a vendor before. they are the go forward lead vendor so to a certain extent they are taking the party line of the administration of we are too busy to talk to you even about what we did to fail in the past. >> division of united health or division of my healthcare? i mean my insurance company? >> it's a small world in healthcare. >> very small world. they get a contract with the government to set up the hub and they are also up there providing insurance to people? at a cost. >> one of their senior vice presidents who they would not confirm his exact position 11 months ago was still cms. it's a small world when it comes to obama care. >> you have subpoenaed not the humans but documents, right? >> we have subpoenaed the documents to get to the facts. the truth is with the other ten, we're hoping that documents aloan will get us where we want to be.
we know for a fact that people at h.h.s. representing that they were acting on behest of the people at the white house as for last minute changes. that's already been told to us by a lead vendor. what we want to know is of course all the decisions that went into this failed site. greta, as you know, the tip of the iceberg is the failed site. going forward, we have to ask the question why is that t. that 58% of american counties will have only one or two companies to choose from and less choice in the private sector. most companies only bid the urban areas not the rural areas. >> i would like to see the contracts because i had a tweet from a viewer last week and she said usually in contracts they have testing requirements. i mean, first of all, i don't like no bid contracts with the government. these open-ended because that is ca-ching ca-ching for anyone not to do things
in timely fashion. secondly the fact if it wasn't tested outrageous. >> the contract beginning the first document in the subpoena we are asking for. testing is a problem because right now you know you can't get in, let's ask the bigger question if it wasn't tested do you know if your information supposed to be secure getting out pretty easy to hack. >> the other thing i want to know about is how you determine eligibility for subsidies because people who are eligible should get subsidies i'm all for that i don't want people to get subsidies who shouldn't. we got a web site can't log on what proper who is should get a subsidy and who shouldn't. >> selling the subsidy at the front end. this is one of the things, greta. the decision was made in the last month to it make people essentially give their information so they can be told about a possible subsidy actually have to be
told how what a good deal it is with united airline before you say where you are going. >> congressman, nice to see you. >> you are getting hit again. open season on your money, on your generosity, really? that's coming up. beyonce hitting an all-time high note. literally. what she just hit caught on camera.
>> now it's time to show you what we are watching. put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. take a look. last week we showed you the ohio state band performing a michael jackson tribute. ♪ ♪ >> well, they are at it again. it looks like they have really upped their game. ♪ ♪
>> now that is impressive. and check out this video. a flock of ducks walk into the automatic door as right ride into a c.v.s. drugstore. the ducks waddled around the store for a while. a clever werker lured the ducks outside with popcorn. and 3, 2, 1 -- jump. beyonce ringing the alarm as she plunged 629 feet from the sky tower in new zealand. >> 3, 2, 1, go. [screams] [ laughter ] this is awesome! >> pretty daring. maybe i should try that the next time i'm in new zealand or maybe not. looking at these fishermen monstrous catches. wait, see that again.
a sea lion popping up out of nowhere catch of the day. watch out for slick sea lions they are as bad as the irs, right? just kidding. that's what we are watching tonight. stunning report about theft at the nation's nonprofits. find out how it can cost money next. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
♪ hah
someone steal your money? the "the washington post" reporting nonprofit groups are lifting hundreds of millions to theft and fraud. that means you are losing money whether you donate directly to the charities or not. "the washington post" reporter stephens is here with the story. knives to see you. >> nice to be here. >> stunning long story in the "the washington post" yesterday. tell me what's going on with these nonprofits? at least some of them? >> well, they are losing a the lo of money. more than we ever knew. we spent many months. >> losing or getting ripped off. >> getting ripped off. some are just losing it mainly ripped off. a lot of scams. a lot of investment losses to ponzi schemes and things like that. huge numbers of dollars.
the largest amount to one group we found was over $100 million to one university. it's starting my and my colleague spent months looking into this. what we found is significant diversion. a very boring term. >> on an irs form. >> it's on an irs form. financial disclosure form that all the bigger -- the bigger charities file every year. and there is this boring line. and if you check the box yes, that means that given nonprofit has lost a lot of money and they are supposed to explain. so we found over 1,000 nonprofits in recent years that have checked that box a huge amount lots to global fund to fight aids. what a wonderful group. lost over $40 million. funny irrelevant irregular
>> they lost $60 million. >> and of course not -- people giving these organizations don't want to get robbed -- usually embezzled internally. forgone income to the treasury, too, right? >> oh yeah. >> how much does the u.s. treasury lose on these? >> we think that just from the tax breaks with charities that the treasury loses something like $100 billion a year. that is because they don't pay taxes if you give money to a charity you get to write that and are are e taxes because charities aren't. which is fine if f. they are doing good work. however, if they're not looking after the money. allowing themselves to be ripped off and awful lot of these cases we found it's insider, it's the executive directors. long-time bookkeepers. volunteers. >> great story by the "the washington post." great job. >> thank you. see you all tomorrow night right here at our new time 7 p.m. eastern. gretawire. open thread. good night from washington,
d.c. and i know you have got a lot to say on gretawire. you better do there because the rest of us are going there. see you there. tomorrow night sean is at all right. welcome to "red eye." thanks for the warning, producers. doing great. tonight this -- >> tonight are beautiful women becoming targets of fetish space freaks bent on creating inner stellar space colonies and victoria's secret? what are they hiding? the look that will make your soul vomit. >> and who is abducting our nude models and replacing them with replicas ? the stories hannity won't cover. none of these stories are on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guests. i am here with ann coulter, political common tater and author and columnist and she has a new book called "never trust a liberal